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Ricardo Jacinto-15

Installation: 5 headphones + 5 chairs (5 synchronized binaural recordings)
Duration: 30’ 53’’ (loop)*

The group performance that took place for the recording was built after an archeology of the sounding gestures and actions most common to the known and contemporary use of that particular place: an exhibition gallery in an old appartment. A great importance was given to the action of being a spectator in an art gallery; how you move, the implied necessity for silence, the pauses to contemplate, the way you move in space, facing the walls, surrounding an object, taking pictures. Disruptive actions were included during the recorded performance.

Performed by: Carla Cardoso, Manuel Henriques, David Jacinto, Susana Pomba, Vera Cortês, Rita Jacinto, João Quirino, Beatriz Cantinho, Beatriz Farinheira, Ricardo Jacinto.
Recorded by: Sara Morais, Nuno Ribeiro, Diogo Alvim, João Machado, Nuno Torres.

*These files correspond to synchronous binaural recordings in 5 different points of the gallery. Please use headphones.


Fundação LEAL RIOS Collection