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Sound installation / Stereo

Ricardo Jacinto – cello & field recordings

Recorded and Edited by R. Jacinto

FORA is an sound installation designed for a specific place in the exhibition site. The pre-existing wooden corridor structure was shortened in order that the public could sit in the dark areas of the room and while hearing to the sound piece could also see the passing spectators that just drove by from the previous to next room…

The sound piece comprises an edition of stereo recordings of passing cars and cello improvisations in a large reverberating room of the exhibition building.

EXHIBITED AT: ARTICULAÇÕES, Fábrica da Cerveja, Faro / 2008
Curator: Nuno Faria
Artists: André Carvalho, Ângelo de Sousa, António Bolota, António Poppe, Carlos Garaicoa, Dan Perjovschi, Diango Hernández, Fernanda Gomes, Francisco Janes, Francisco Tropa, Hugo Canoilas, Ian Kiaer, Ion Grigorescu, João Queiroz, Leonor Antunes, Nelson Félix, Phill Niblock, Raimond Chaves e Gilda Mantilla, Ricardo Jacinto, Sancho Silva, Sérgio Taborda, Thierry Simões