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:Concert-installation for cello, electronics and objects.

CASCA (partes escolhidas #1) was the first of a series of concert-installations using the Medusa system. This device aims for a “sonic transfiguration” of the cello´s body when in contact with the place hosting its performance. This project proposes a nomad electroacoustic instrumental device designed to accommodate a solo improvisatory discourse which incorporates specific sonic characteristics (aural architecture, soundscape flow) of the place where it is installed and performed, addressing questions of site-specificity both in the installation setup as well as in the musical performance. Medusa is designed to support a concert situation that “feeds” a stand alone, interactive installation.

At the Colégio das Artes in Coimbra the pre-existing structure of an exhibition room (designed by Arch. João Mendes Ribeiro) was used as the resonating object for the performance sounds.

Curated by the students of the Masters Program in Curatorial Studies (Colégio das Artes, Coimbra University) 2014.





Photos: domalomenos