O Corredor

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Film / Installation at CHIADO 8 / Culturgest, Lisboa 2011


Exhibition at CHIADO 8-Culturgest / curated by Bruno Marchand.

“The Runner is the person who has to run the fado. The Runner is a mutant being that can take the form of a wolf, dog or other animal. When found, in order to break the spell, you must make it bleed.”.

Entitled “O Corredor” this installation presents intself as an experimental documentary in three parts that witnesses and articulates human actions that have a “mutant” quality.

Part 1: The story of the Pine-tree and the Wolf: From documentary footage of a man howling in an anechoic chamber and a collective ritual in the streets of Guimarães, this first part articulates two actions that recall ancient rituals.

Part 2: The story of the Water and the Plane: This part explores a cross-narrative in between an Air Force pilot performing tests of spatial disorientation in a flight simulator and a synchronized swimming team training underwater. The dance of the simulator and the orchestrated movements of the swimmers help creating an odd and almost erotic landscape.

Part 3: Foyer: A set of four interviews with some the main characters of each of these stories. The sound is quadriphonic, with one speaker for each interviewed character. Therefore the viewers sonic focus, in a such a cacophonic situation, is conducted by the sequence of the synchronized images.

Excerpts from “A história da água e do avião” and “A história do pinheiro e do lobo”.

“A história da água e do avião”
Video / Colour / ST sound
Duration: 16´

“A história do pinheiro e do lobo”
Video / Colour / ST sound
Duration: 15´32´´

Video / Colour / QD sound
Duration: 46´18´´

  • Directed by Ricardo Jacinto
  • Director of photograhy: Vasco Viana
  • Camera: Vasco Viana / David Jacinto
  • Sound: Pedro Magalhães / Ricardo Jacinto
  • Assistants: Matilde Meireles / Tomé Palmeirim
  • Edited by Ricardo Jacinto
  • Production: António Sequeira Lopes / Ricardo Jacinto

Curated by Bruno Marchand
Photographs: © DMF (All Rights Reserved)

Special thanks to:

Clube de Natação da Amadora, Treinadora Silvia Vieira, Equipa de Natação Sincronizada do CNA, Centro de Medicina Aeronáutica da Força Aérea Portuguesa, Chefe de Estado Maior da Força Aérea Portuguesa, General José António Pinheiro, Director do Centro de Medicina Aerónautica / Cor. Méd.Jorge Varandas, Director do serviço de Saúde Da Força Aérea / Major general José Maria Duarte, Primeiro Sargento Rogério Ferreira, Tenente Coronel Jorge Mouro, Departamento de Análise de Sinais do Instituto Superior Técnico de Lisboa, Eng. Bento Coelho, Eng. Onofre Moreira, Grupo Lobo, Prof. Franscisco Fonseca, Isabel Ambrósio, UZI filmes, Travelling Films.

Plácido Miranda, Carolina Albino, Nuno Morão, Matilde Meireles, Antonio José Gonçalves, Dr. Gil Jacinto, Andresa Soares, Maria Carita, Nuno Baptista, Miguel Vasco, Dr. Paulo Fernandes, Eng. Fernando Vitorino, Diogo Marques, Joana Torgal, Rodolfo Pimenta, Eng. António Almeida Correa e Sá.