Published on Sep 29, 2016 | Filed under: COLLABORATIONS,INSTALLATIONS,MAIN PROJECTS |

Project by: Pedrita + Ricardo Jacinto //
Installation at Miradouro de Santo Amaro / Criar Lisboa 2016 //
Support: Cortiço & Netos, Primus Vitoria e Ribeiro & Espadinha //
Collaborators: José Júlio Coelho, Rui Urbano e Tiago Pereira //

Financed by EGEAC for Festas de Lisboa 2016


The Miradouro de Santo Amaro offers a stunning panorama over the Alcântara valley and the River Tagus, with close-up views of the 25 de Abril Bridge. Although there are lots of striking geographical and architectural features to the cityscape that stretches out before you, now you can also listen to one of the most incredible sounds that Lisbon has to offer: the cars and trains travelling up and down the decks suspended from the bridge. The area in front of the chapel will see the installation of a parabolic panel of azulejos that will act as an acoustic mirror, placed at a key point on the miradouro, from which visitors can listen carefully to the selected soundscape, while also admiring a surface that has been made from the fragments of hundredsof Portuguese industrial tiles, based on a spectrographic image of that very sound texture.