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Technical Assistance: Aníbal Ferreira
Production: Carla Cardoso
Support: Guimarães 2012 European Cultural Capital / Amop / Bordalina

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It breeds semi-mobile individual seats, conformed in concrete into a textile mold, serving the local population at designate locations around the city. These units become part of the urban landscape of Guimarães. They can be arranged in various public spaces serving diferent purposes: a concert, chatting between neighbors, occasionally stops for a rest, or just to hang out with friends. The fact of being semi-mobile will help to spread them naturally around public space allowing a direct configuration of the urban landscape according to its users needs. This same factor will also allow, in a long term period, the gradual insertion of the seats on the private community spreading its impact in the city.

Mounted on wheels, the machine can be moved between the various points of interest in the city in order to better serve and work for local events. The presence of the U N I D A D E should enhance the exploration and use of less central spaces thus creating new centers of interest in unexpected areas of Guimarães.

The determination of these spaces will be made later according to the feedback from the organization of Guimarães 2012 and local population. The seats produced by the U N I D A D E will mark its passage around the various locations in the city.

With 6 workstations, self-sufficient, the machine is equipped with an industrial mixer, a tank for consumables, a water tank, a car for filling and drying, three cycle power seats, a pipe for mechanical sound boosting and a rotating siren.

Sound will take an important role imposing the presence of the U N I D A D E.

in the city calling peoples’ attention for its working periods: a rotating siren marks the duration of the production and mechanical pieces are equipped with parts that vocalize the physical actions that are taking place, thus establishing this machine as a new sound-mark on the city. Although using a sound type (siren) that is usually associated with specific places (industry/schools) and very strict labour periods, the U N I D A D E re-contextualises this characteristics in an informal time and space. Its sound-performance inhabits different places and sound-marks non previously established moments during the day.

The machine will be introduced to the local community in three performative actions of demonstration: the first one has a premiere and first public use of the machine. It will be performed by the U N I D A D E production team in order to introduce the machine and its operations to the local community; a second action of demonstration where the production team will actively involve local people in all the production steps starting to instruct a local team for future operations; the third action will correspond to the “key delivery” ceremony where a exclusive local team will be supervised by the production team in their first stand-alone use of the machine.