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Catarina Campino + Ricardo Jacinto /////

CAPITALS, Encontros Acarte, Sala Polivalente, CAM, Lisbon 2003 /////

“Space Rules: Techno-Nomad Theatre” by PETRA KUPPERS

“The performance Untitled by Catarina Campino and Ricardo Jacinto performs theatre space as plans, rhythms and rule givers. It presents a site for bounded wanderings in the no-man’s land of spatialised theatre history. The performance took place in July 2003 as part of CAPITALS in the Sala Polivalente, a theatre deep within Gulbenkian’s Centro de Arte Moderna in Lisbon (…)

Untitled’s strange theme park theatre can function as a layering of historic moments made tangible, made into skin-sense. Untitled traverses and rehearses the museal in the form of a dis/ordered Kammer. It opens up theatre as a curiosity cabinet, un-making the connections the museum forged, forgetting the order of the archive.(…)”