Labyrinthitis #3

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INSTALLATION / six black ballons, helium, rope, wood, camera obscura, recorded voice and disklavier, SLS sculpture and anatomical model with black plaster / Variable dimensions

: installation plan

TOTAL 6 peçaS by Polvolato1
:sketch for “IN A REAR ROOM_suite for disklavier”

Patient one by Polvolato1
: “Description of symptons by patients with Meniére´s Desease” (read in German by Alfred Raush)

: Camera obscura with double exposure

:”máscara pássaro” (bird mask)_SLS model of intersected inner ears

:model for “wax sculpture”

:installation plans 2


“HOENRAUSH”, Linz, Austria 2009 / Curated by Paolo Bianchi & Martin Sturm / Artistas: Inger Lise HANSEN NO, Shih-Yung KU Taiwan, Georg LINDORFER AT, Maider LÔPEZ ES, Mali WU Taiwan, Paul DeMARINIS US, Martin MUSIC AT, Werner PFEFFER AT, Pipilotti RIST CH, Roman SIGNER CH, Serge SPITZER US, Andreas STRAUSS AT, Fiona TAN Indonesien/NL, Leonid TISHKOV RU, Erwin WURM AT.