OS #3

Published on Jan 17, 2011 | Filed under: PARQUE |

0047 and Kabinett proudly presents Personal instruments #1, a concert with:

Ricardo Jacinto (PT): Percussion / Loop sampler / Voice
Nuno Morão (PT): Percussion / Loop sampler / Real time processing

This instrument/display is part of a larger ensemble of pieces that is named PARK. This project, created and directed by Ricardo Jacinto, has been in the last 6 years a place for collaborations with other visual artists and musicians, and also the context for an experimental development of large scale performative displays involving light and sound interaction with large impact on architectural environments.

The shows, usually structured as attraction fairs, invite performers and audiences to freely inhabit this “machines” and participate in its reflection and illusion games. PARK may also be seen as a landscape where a group journey is taking place since around the year 2000. This trip is fully documented at www.parque.biz and www.myspace/parque. Practically all its members are keen on kaleidoscopes.

Readings from “The Left Hand”

- A series of letters that come from a far away place and time. Their narrator describes his research voyage on a planet with strange geological formations. Alone, he writes this letters to W and keeps us aware of his mental deflections induced by the odd landscape.

Text: Hugo Brito
Electronics: André Sier
Production: Ricardo Jacinto
Co-production: Kabinett / 0047 OSLO