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INSTALLATION / Painted Syntherized-nylon objects, glass, wood, wind machines and sound.

Part of the EARWORM exhibition, this piece is part of the PARK project.

These Cones were inspired and inspired the short story, “The Left Hand”, written by Hugo Brito.

A series of letters that come from a far away place and time. Their narrator describes his research voyage on a planet with strange geological formations. Alone, he writes this letters to W and keeps us aware of his mental deflections induced by the odd landscape.

Using parts of this text Ricardo Jacinto composed and recorded a series of sketches for The Cones Folk-Songbook.

Sketches for the W SONGS:

1. Beacons and Tripods

I didn´t take the beacons, the tripods or any other survey equipment with me.

2. All around

All around you like a solar eclipse on land / instead / in the sky

All around you there´s this belt of darkness over which in the distance you glimpse the daylight.

3. I woke up

I woke full of energy but between breakfast and now I seem to have lost it
I was planning on writing a longer letter
I woke up

4. Between the cones

I slept there between the cones twice already

5. What can I do

What can I do when the pull to go is so strong?
This meant no more work was done in either day.
Which maybe I should feel bad about, but not really.

The Sledge

The sledge is ready. I used the skis and part of the fiber-glass shell to make a platform where I can pile all the supplies and lay everything.
Anyway I did the best I could with materials I had and It looks ok.
It´s not very solid as it is built mostly out of duck-tape but I think it will hold.

6. Damned buggy

Today I met my inner mechanic
Damn my buggy

There´s a lot of dust here. The dirt is really thin but even without wind the buggy lifts clouds off in the long run.

7. On camp

I drove back to the camp.
I have been sleeping ever since.
It´s to late to do any work
The sun is almost setting.
I am going back to bed.
I slept much but I wasn´t cold or even anxious for the sunrise.
Don´t think.

8. This old buggy

I did miss the living unit today but not as much
This old buggy they provided me with is quite worthless
I´ll have to strap on everything I´ll need with this in moving
The outdoor suit is well designed so I didn´t feel the cold half as much as I feared

9. Equipment

Anyway my first complaints about the equipment
The outdoor suit is actually quite well made
I can spend more time outside

10. Wish me luck

Ok, this is goodbye.
It´s a really cold morning but clear and bright.
I´m ready.

11. The Cones

Dear W.
With all the practical stuff, the geological data and so on, I forgot
to mention just how beautiful the cones are.
I’m looking at them as I write, through the door of the tent, and
they look almost otherworldly, like wedges stuck in the sky, so
sharp and true…
I wish you could see them.
Miss you,